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Virtual Care Initiatives Worldwide Adopt Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform for Real-World Data Capture and Analysis

November 3, 2021

CAMPBELL, Calif. | PRNewswire

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivalink, a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, announces the use of its Biometrics Data Platform to power a variety of remote healthcare applications around the world. Vivalink's platform, with regulatory clearances including FDA, CE and China's National Medical Product Administration, integrates physiologically optimized wearable sensors, remote networking technologies, and cloud data services to enable clinicians to conduct medical grade monitoring outside the hospital environment.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, medical wearable sensors in virtual healthcare and telemedicine have become a necessity for tracking and monitoring human vitals such as heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, Sp02 and blood pressure, in real-time. For these patients, it is necessary to have hospital-grade monitoring medical wearable devices, to track symptoms outside of the clinical setting.

Vivalink's technology is currently being used across the globe in 30 countries, for various applications including:

  • Australia - working with Deakin University, commissioned by the Australian government, to monitor essential workers' body temperature when returning to work during COVID
  • China - working with Vivalink partner Nalong Health, a leading cardiac service company in China, to provide cardiac monitoring and analysis services.
  • Germany - partnering with ASCOM, a multinational telecommunications company, to offer virtual care for hospitals in several countries in the European region
  • Italy - partnering with CardioCalm to offer remote cardiac monitoring solutions using wearable ECGs
  • United Kingdom - partnering with Current Health to address hospital readmissions post discharge, chronic condition monitoring, and clinical trials
  • United States - working with Clinical Research Organizations, such as Medpace, to conduct decentralized clinical trials using Vivalink's RPM technologies
  • Vietnam - partnering with iParamed to monitor COVID-19 patients in overflow and general ward surge situations for the hospitals

"During critical moments in a pandemic or other medical situations, hospitals can have a difficult time keeping up with patient care due to the volume of patients and limited staff. In addition, the risk of cross infection between caregivers and patients is high in those situations," said Hang Pham, Vice Chairwomen of iParamed. "Vivalink's technologies enable care to be delivered remotely or at a distance, minimizing patient and caregiver contact. In addition, they are cost effective and easy to deploy, thereby very suitable to handle these uncertain situations."

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