World's Smallest Reusable Medical Grade Cardiac Patch and Wearable ECG Monitor



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Wearable Heart and ECG Monitor Patch

Designed for in-clinic and remote patient monitoring applications, the multi-function cardiac patch can live stream multiple parameters to a mobile device or the cloud. It is reusable, rechargeable, and can record data even in the event of a network disruption.

This powerful cardiac patch has been used in multiple studies including AF detection, coronary artery disease, stress and depression, and more.

ECG Sensor vs Quarter.png


3 Lead Comp

Positions tested: sitting, standing, lying down; transition from lying to standing

Proven Accuracy

This chart demonstrates the high accuracy of the Vivalink multi-vital continuous ECG patch against a benchmark 3-Lead ECG device.

The ICC was 0.97 and almost completely overlaps with the 3-Lead device. The test was performed by an independent 3rd party.

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