Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Wearable Sensors

IoT enabled medical wearable sensors for continuous and episodic data capture


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Vivalink blood pressure cuff

Our regulatory-cleared wearable sensors continuously capture all basic human vitals and advanced physiological parameters
for effective disease prevention, diagnostics and care.
In addition, we can support standardized BLE sensors such as activity trackers, weight scales, and glucometers.

Cardiac ECG Monitor

  • Multiple vitals and parameters
  • Reusable and rechargeable
  • World's smallest ECG patch
  • Live ECG, HR, resp, accelerometer

Temperature Monitor

  • FDA clinical thermometer
  • Reusable and rechargeable
  • Pediatrics cleared
  • Axillary body temperature

Sp02 Monitor

  • Measure nighttime recovery
  • Continuous data capture
  • IoT cloud enabled
  • Pulse oximetry, plethysmograph

Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Single piece cuff design
  • Application programmable
  • IoT cloud enabled
  • Systolic, diastolic pressure

Software Development Kit (SDK)

All-inclusive kit designed to enable healthcare technology partners to accelerate the integration of Vivalink medical wearable sensors and data services with mobile and cloud applications.

Mobile App Integration

The platform SDK includes edge technologies that allow developers to quickly integrate, test, and deploy mobile apps for remote patient monitoring using Vivalink medical wearable sensors.

Cloud Application Integration

Web data services offer the ability to directly integrate applications in the cloud for machine-to-machine access, or offer simple data file downloads for retrospective analysis.

SDK Components

  • Medical wearable sensors
  • Disposable adhesives
  • Software libraries & APIs
  • Sample App
  • Sample source code
  • Documentation
  • Technical support

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