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Rural Healthcare Situation

Providing healthcare in remote locations presents unique challenges such as access to modern medical equipment, having a reliable power source, and access to the internet.

Over the years, a team of volunteer U.S. doctors and local medics have been providing vision care for the local population in this remote part of Southeast Asia. However, many procedures are limited to what can be performed using local anesthesia. Advanced eye surgery and some procedures on pediatrics patients require sedation. In these cases, the ability to continuously monitor patient vitals during perioperative phases is key.

The challenge is that conventional hospital monitoring equipment can be expensive, large, complex, and requires an external power source. Bulky machinery and heavy equipment also present challenges with international shipping, customs, and local transportation over rough terrain.

This is where Vivalink's wearable patient monitoring solution, combining a multi-function ECG patch and a real time patient monitoring app, comes into the picture. The wireless device is rechargeable, and by using Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile app, it enables clinicians to monitor patient vitals without external power or an internet connection. And at a mere 7.5 grams and 3.5 inches long, it can also be easily transported in carry-on baggage, thus avoiding loss or delays through transit.



"The portability of the [ECG] monitor was ideal for our remote work situation. I was easily able to monitor patients in the preoperative assessment area, during the surgical procedure under sedation, and during the recovery period."

- Dr. Lindsay Cobb,  Anesthesiologist

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Vivalink is committed to making healthcare accessible throughout the world. Remote and underserved populations are especially in need of providers equipped with the right tools. To support these efforts, Vivalink assists healthcare providers by supplying innovative patient monitoring technologies for remote and rural healthcare.

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