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Clinical Grade Axillary Temperature Patch

When it comes to continuous temperature monitoring, the Vivalink axillary temperature patch stands out as a reliable and accurate solution. Unlike typical body temperature patches, the Vivalink patch is an FDA-cleared clinical thermometer, providing medically precise readings for remote patient monitoring settings.

Experience 21 days of uninterrupted monitoring with a single charge, making it ideal for tracking infections throughout quarantine periods. This advanced sensor has also been successfully utilized in clinical studies, including neurological drug development and chemotherapy remote patient monitoring.

Seamlessly incorporate remote patient monitoring into your clinical workflow with our wearable temperature sensors and monitoring devices. These compact and technologically advanced devices deliver real-time insights into patient body temperatures, allowing for more accurate and efficient healthcare management. Easy to apply and non-disruptive to patients, they generate valuable data to enhance your facility's healthcare delivery system.

Empower your healthcare organization with Vivalink’s wearable temperature monitors and elevate the standard of patient care.

Accurate & Convenient:

  Vivalink Axillary Temperature Sensor Typical Body Temperature Patches
Placement Axillary (armpit) Chest
FDA Thermometer Yes No
ASTM E1112 Standard Yes No
Accuracy ± 0.1 °C Mean error ± 1.0 °C
Calibration Not Required Daily
Ambient Impacts Low High
Requires Separate Thermometer  No Yes
Adult & Pediatric Use Yes Adult Only

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