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Vivalink launches Biometrics Data Platform

August 18, 2021

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Vivalink launches Biometrics Data Platform

Published August 8, 2021

Vivalink announces the release of its enhanced Biometrics Data Platform, designed to aid the deployment of patient monitoring and data analysis applications for ambulatory and remote settings. This platform offers continuous remote data capturing, delivery and analysis for clinical trials and virtual care with remote medical wearable sensors. These medical wearable devices offer continuous and episodic data capture through a clinical remote patient monitoring app and adheres to the protection laws of the HIPAA and GDPR. Vivalink optimized the medical wearables earlier in the year of 2021 with enhanced temperature and cardiac monitors for RPM studies and decentralized clinical trials. These wearables have been better suited for recreation outside clinical treatment and analysis. The other great thing about these wearables is that the cardiac ECG monitor lasts up to 120 hours per charge, this is far better than the mere 72 hours of the previous remote patient monitoring device. 


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