Vivalink remote patient monitoring provides superior data

November 8, 2021

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Vivalink Remote Patient Monitoring Provides Superior Data

Published November 8, 2021

Jiang Li, CEO and Founder of Vivalink, breaks down the importance of Vivalink's medical grade remote patient monitoring tech that provides superior clinical research data. Increasingly, real-time, mobile monitoring in the real-world is making a discernible difference for data insights.  Li also discusses the importance of the advancement of new RPM technology during the COVID-19 pandemic which came with the unintended consequence of causing frustration due to data inconsistencies and black-holes that sideline digital transformation in healthcare. Vivalink solves the problem by offering data analysis that can report health problems and potential risks to patients who are looking for faster advancement of treatment and better monitoring applications. Read more about how Vivalink and the medical wearable technology solutions market is reshaping and defining the medical and patient monitoring industries.


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