Biometrics Data Platform

Remote data capture and analysis for clinical trials and virtual care


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Real World Evidence Data Insights and Analysis

An integrated IoT platform to accelerate healthcare application development and deployment


Medical Wearables

Regulatory cleared medical wearables for continuous and episodic data capture in ambulatory or remote settings. Designed for patient comfort, reusability, and self-service in the field or at home.


Mobile Patient App

Ensures automatic data capture and synchronization from medical wearables. Supports ePRO/eCOA apps for conducting patient reported symptoms and surveys.


Advanced Data Services

Live and retrospective data access. Advanced data algorithms including arrhythmia and respiratory rate detection. Multi-format data transformation for ingestion into clinical systems.


Centralized Data Consolidation

Multi-endpoint, multi-site data consolidation with end-to-end systems integrity checks. Integrated data formatting and transformation for clinical systems integration.

Accelerating Healthcare Application Innovation

Conventional Closed Loop Approach

Conventional App Dev Approach 2-1
  • Long Development Cycles
  • Regulatory Complexities
  • High Development Costs
  • Disparate Infrastructure

Vivalink Open Platform Approach

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Cleared Devices and Algos
  • Lower Development Costs
  • Common Infrastructure

Vivalink’s end-to-end platform with reusable medical grade sensors is a great fit for our needs

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Biometrics Data Platform Enabled Applications

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Real world data insights for decentralized clinical trials

Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring

Single platform for Holter and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry,


Acute and chronic condition remote patient monitoring


Software Development Kit 

An integrated IoT platform for healthcare designed for rapid application integration and deployment. Encompasses regulatory cleared wearable sensors, edge technologies and cloud data services to accelerate time-to-market.

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