Chemotherapy RPM

Monitoring neutropenic fever to prevent hospitalization


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Study Scope and Protocol

Neutropenic fever is a common occurrence following chemotherapy treatment. However, in some cases the fever can become serious enough to require hospitalization.

This study correlates multiple parameters continuously captured by the Vivalink ECG and axillary temperature monitors to detect and predict an impending event up to 18 hours in advance.


Key Components

  • Wearable ECG Monitor
  • Wearable Temp Monitor
  • Customized Patient App
  • Event Correlation Algorithm
  • Retrospective Analysis Report

Data Captured

  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Temperature
Requirements/Challenges Solution
Correlation of multiple physiological parameters  Portfolio of medical sensors spanning multiple human vitals
Network disruptions in ambulatory settings Sensors with onboard memory and automated network data synchronization
Combining automated data capture with patient reported symptoms Integrated patient app combining automated data capture with reported symptoms
Data integration with clinical systems M2M web services API integration


"Vivalink's connected wearable devices enable us to correlate multiple patient data points into an integrated solution for post-cancer therapy monitoring."

-Shawn Zhou, CEO at AlacrityCare