Juniper Report: A Review of Remote Patient Monitoring Leaders

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Navigating Juniper's RPM Landscape Report

Through a comprehensive evaluation of capabilities, experience, partnerships, and global presence, Juniper Research ranks the remote patient monitoring trailblazers. Vivalink stands as an authoritative figure in this space.

Leading RPM providers, including Vivalink, are innovating to apply remote telemetry monitoring solutions across various healthcare scenarios.

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Juniper RPM Leaderboard

Vivalink: A Global Leader in RPM Technology

Vivalink is recognized as an established leader in RPM technology, armed with a regulatory-cleared suite of wearable sensors and data services that continuously monitor vital parameters, pioneering change in telemedicine and clinical trials.

With an international customer base and alliances with renowned firms like Ascom and Best Buy Health, Vivalink is making its mark on the global digital healthcare landscape.

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Vivalink's Holistic Approach to RPM

Vivalink partners with clients to define their goals, creating a strategic vision and roadmap for successful RPM program deployment. The integration of a versatile data platform, coupled with expertise in setup and training, ensures seamless execution.

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The Road Ahead for RPM

Vivalink is committed to perpetual innovation, adapting to market dynamics, and driving excellence in remote patient monitoring. Collaborate with Vivalink, an established leader, to help you stay ahead in the next chapter in digital healthcare.