Connected Medical Wearables and Sensors

Real world data capture for ambulatory and remote patient monitoring


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Virtual Hospitals Powered by Wearable Sensors

Vivalink continues to expand its portfolio of medical sensors for continuous and episodic data capture for virtual hospitals, remote healthcare and decentralized clinical trials. See below for a sample of available wearable sensors ...

Brand Type Model Images
Vivalink Multi-Vital ECG vv330; vv350 Multi-Vital ECG vv330 sensor
Vivalink Continuous Temperature vv200 ECG w200 temperature sensor
ChoiceMMed Sp02 MD300C208 MD300C208 sensor
CMI Health Spirometer Spirolink Spirolink sensor
Dexcom CGM G6 “A
Garmin Actigraphy & Sleep Vivosmart 3/4/5 Vivosmart 3/4/5 sensor
Garmin Actigraphy & Sleep Vivoactive 3/4/4S Vivoactive 3/4/4S sensor
Garmin Actigraphy & Sleep ForeRunner 245/935/945 A black digital watch ForeRunner 245/935/945
Garmin Blood Pressure Index BPM “Index
Garmin Weight Scale Index S2 Smart Scale “A
iHeath BP Cuff Neo BP Cuff Neo
Omron BP Cuff BP7450 A BP Cuff BP7450 sensor
Roche Blood Glucose AccuChek AccuChek sensor
Viatom Continuous Sp02 Viatom Checkme O2 Sp02 Viatom Checkme O2
Viatom Sp02 O2 Ring A Sp02O2 Ring
Viatom Sp02 Pediatric  KidsO2 Sp02 Pediatric Kids O2 sensor
Viatom Sp02 Pediatric  Baby02 Sp02 Pediatric Baby02

*Contact your local representative for other devices. Subject to Change