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Post Acute Continuous and Real Time Remote Patient Monitoring


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Continuity of hospital-at-home acute care starts with the monitoring of patients in the hospital and transitioning to the home.

Vivalink's acute remote patient monitoring solution enables clinicians to monitor patients continuously and in real time whether in the hospital or remotely at home using a common infrastructure.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote patient monitoring, the demand for innovative and efficient solutions has never been greater.

Vivalink, a provider of advanced digital healthcare solutions, is revolutionizing patient care by providing real-time patient vitals and analysis for hospital-at-home and virtual ward applications.

As the demand for innovative remote patient monitoring solutions continues to grow, Vivalink stands at the forefront, driving progress in healthcare technologies and improving the delivery of patient care. Get the Juniper Research Report

Multi-Patient Remote Monitoring Portal

  • Multi-patient views and automated monitoring
  • Transitional care acute remote patient monitoring
  • Real time vitals and ECG viewing
  • History and trend analysis
  • Customizable alerts and thresholds

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) survey conducted by Vivalink

  • Adoption of RPM technologies
  • Acute condition monitoring
  • Growth of RPM usage
  • Hospital vs. remote monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring


Cardiac Telemetry

  • Pre/Post-op and transitional monitoring
  • Detect over 15 common arrhythmias
  • Customizable arrhythmia reports
  • Vitals trends and alerts
  • Digital calipers

Remote Monitoring Solution

Multi-Vital Monitoring-2

IoT enabled medical wearables and sensors for continuous or episodic vitals monitoring

Customizable mobile app for patient reported symptoms or automated data capture

Multi-patient clinician portal for in-hospital or remote patient monitoring

Vivalink’s integrated system architecture is very advanced and suits well with our platform

Chief Architect at GE Healthcare

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