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Vivalink's Biometrics Data Platform is designed to accelerate the development and deployment of virtually any type of digital healthcare application.

Here is a small sample of some of Vivalink's digital healthcare partners around the world.

Hospital at

Delivering at home care through the Current Health virtual hospital remote patient monitoring solution, Best Buy Health is enabling earlier treatment and longer, happier lives for patients.

Patient Monitoring

Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare information and communications technology (ICT) and mobile workflows. It's DigiStat suite offers device integration and alarm management support.

Full Service Clinical

Since 1992, Medpace has been providing full-service clinical development services to biopharmaceutical and medical device Sponsors


OK2StandUP provides artificial intelligence-powered fall mitigation solutions developed for seniors and their caregivers, enabling remote monitoring and actionable alerts.

Pet Monitoring

Bionet's VEMO solution is the first wireless & wearable veterinary ECG sensor for veterinary that provides ECG, HR, RR monitoring with real-time data, tracking with alarm notifications.


Caretaker Medical's VitalStream PDA™ is clinically validated to continuously measure multiple hemodynamic parameters without invasive a-lines, catheters, or arm cuffs.

AI Powered
Physiological Data

physIQ seeks to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine by applying AI to physiological data and patient reported outcomes, collected in near real-time, from any wearable biosensor.

Real Time
Patient Data

Precision Digital Health is at the forefront of real-time patient data for therapeutic differentiation and value-based care beyond the clinical trial environment.

Medical Grade

iParamed offers medical grade tele-monitoring solutions to enable hospital scale-up or mobile deployments using remote patient monitoring.

Child Fever

InterMed's FeverTrap is a rechargeable thermometer that continuously and accurately monitors children's temperature, giving parents and their children peace of mind and safety.

Drug Rehab

Elevate Addiction Services enables the real-time monitoring of drug rehabilitation patients while undergoing drug detox.


AlacrityCare’s data driven software provides real time guidance that enables safer and more personalized interventions than ever before.


Combining the untapped potential of peptide biology with the power of machine learning, Peptilogics approaches drug design at massive scale, creating the next generation of medicines through precision engineering and design.

ECG Core

HeartcoR Solutions provides expert ECG recording, certified technician analysis, electrophysiologist overreading and validated data set delivery to support our customers’ global regulatory filings. 

Cardiac Telemetry

The ZywiePro® Solution provides better efficiency and patient care by allowing physicians to view events in greater detail, view it faster and anytime on any device.