COPD: Remote Patient Monitoring

Correlating digital biomarkers contributing to COPD


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Study Scope and Protocol for COPD Monitoring

Enhance patient COPD care through home monitoring solutions. This multi-center observational study correlates wearable sensor data with clinical parameters to monitor COPD. It seeks to combine parameters such as heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and breathing patterns to gauge improvement or degradation of COPD.

Participants provide data using a combination of wearable sensors and self-reported symptoms from remote, at-home locations.  The data is then consolidated and processed centrally, integrated with regulatory systems, and formatted for archive into legacy systems.


Key Components

  • Biometrics Data Platform
  • Wearable ECG Monitor
  • Patient App with ePRO
  • Legacy Format Conversion
  • Language Translation
  • Patient Adherence Reports
  • Provisioned RPM Kits
  • International Logistics

Data Captured

  • Raw ECG rhythm
  • Heart rate, HRV
  • Respiratory
  • Skin Temp
  • Activity
Requirements/Challenges Solution
Complex clinical patient app requirements Customized app with ePRO, surveys
Legacy data format and systems Flexible data formats and integration options
Data privacy concerns outside of region Regional data hosting in country
Patient language barriers Local translation for patient facing content
Simplified onboarding experience Turnkey RPM kits including cellular service
Ensuring patient adherence Patient compliance dashboard


Vivalink offers quality management system, device, software and is able to provide end-to-end support. [We are] confident that Vivalink can offer and maintain the highest standards of the service.

- Trial Manager