Home health monitoring: The future of senior continuity of care

February 13, 2023

Hospital News

February 13, 2023

Providing ongoing care to geriatric patients can be challenging, but remote patient monitoring technology can help facilitate continuity of care from inpatient treatment to at-home recovery. Virtual care platforms, such as wearable biometric data platforms, can enable proactive monitoring and interventions for chronic and acute conditions. Studies show that remote monitoring can lead to improved patient outcomes, including fewer hospitalizations and drug errors. However, implementing virtual care technology faces obstacles, including establishing standards and securing funding. Affordable options for telemonitoring can help seniors manage chronic conditions while living at home, and access to real-time data empowers patients and provides physicians with the information needed to monitor their conditions. The development of comprehensive and user-friendly turn-key solutions is crucial for the eventual adoption of home health monitoring technology for seniors.

Source: https://hospitalnews.com/home-health-monitoring-the-future-of-senior-continuity-of-care/



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