Facilitating Increased Digital Monitoring

February 13, 2023

Med Tech Intelligence

February 13, 2023  

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote patient monitoring and management, as technology and medical-grade wearables allow patients to receive quality care without travelling to the doctor's office. However, it is important for device developers to remember that remote diagnostics and data collection are means to the end of improving patient care, not the goal itself. Providers are looking for data that can enhance disease management, and the integration of data from different sources and machine learning is necessary to generate the necessary insights to facilitate action. To create a viable business model behind digital therapeutics, providers must be incentivized to accept a solution that doesn’t involve patient visits, such as a reimbursement model centered around prevention and early detection.

Source: https://www.medtechintelligence.com/column/facilitating-increased-digital-monitoring/ 

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