5 minutes with Vivalink CEO on wearable sensors

February 13, 2023


February 13, 2023

Jiang Li, Ph.D., CEO of Vivalink, explains how the company's technology supports the future of patient monitoring. Vivalink provides digital healthcare solutions for virtual patient care and decentralized clinical trials, leveraging physiology-optimized medical wearable sensors and software services to enable a deeper and more clinical understanding between provider and patient. The company's platform addresses the biggest challenges to remote patient monitoring, including wearability, accuracy, connectivity, and data analysis, and its data platform allows healthcare solution providers to rapidly build and scale their technologies in any therapeutic area. Vivalink's edge-to-cloud IoT software technologies ensure secure and dependable transmission of data from sensors to the cloud, and the platform's advanced algorithms offer automated delivery of high-quality continuous real-world patient data, accelerating the development of algorithms by third-party digital healthcare partners. The next 12 months will see Vivalink focus on ensuring successful implementations with current customers, expanding its business to new customers and markets, and expanding its portfolio of medical sensors, data services, and solutions to address a broad range of remote patient monitoring requirements for healthcare and clinical trials.

Source: https://healthcare-digital.com/digital-healthcare/5-minutes-with-jiang-li-vivalink-ceo-on-wearable-sensors 

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