Biometrics Data Platform for Remote Hospital-at-Home Monitoring.

Vivalink's Biometrics: Remote Hospital-at-Home Platform

March 19, 2024

HIT Consultant 

The article featured on HIT Consultant sheds light on Vivalink's pivotal role in driving a transformative evolution in patient care through its cutting-edge Biometrics Data Platform. It delves into how Vivalink spearheads this paradigm shift, emphasizing the platform's focus on remote chronic and acute patient monitoring. Notable benefits such as decreased hospital readmissions, reduced post-discharge expenses, and heightened stakeholder satisfaction highlight the platform's effectiveness. Key features include real-time data management, seamless integration of medical wearables, advanced analytics, and patient compliance tools. CEO Jiang Li underscores the platform's significance in advancing concepts like hospital-at-home and remote acute care, ensuring comprehensive healthcare delivery directly to patients' homes.

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