Advanced home healthcare.

Advancing Healthcare: Integrating Technology for Home-Based Care

March 12, 2024

Healthcare IT Today 

Healthcare is evolving, embracing the integration of home care into the continuum, challenging traditional views of hospital-centered care. Innovative care models, driven by technology, aim to seamlessly connect hospital and home care, ensuring continuous support for patients. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology plays a pivotal role in this evolution, transitioning from chronic care management to high-acuity monitoring, revolutionizing home healthcare. By extending care into the home, RPM platforms enable timely interventions, personalized care plans, and efficient resource allocation. Human-centric strategies enhance patient adherence, while RPM enhances home care in therapeutic areas like cardiac monitoring and cancer care. The adoption of Hospital at Home (HaH) models further accelerates this transition, offering acute-level care in homes and transforming the continuum of care. The integration of telehealth, chronic, and acute care into home-based options marks a shift towards comprehensive and advanced healthcare delivery, making the home a fundamental setting for healthcare.

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