Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform: Hospital-to-Home Care Continuity

Vivalink's Biometrics: Hospital-to-Home Care Continuity

March 19, 2024

PR Newswire 

Vivalink, a leader in digital healthcare solutions, introduces its Biometrics Data Platform to support hospital-at-home care through remote acute patient monitoring, addressing critical hospital bed and staffing shortages. Research highlights the importance of seamless care continuity, which includes outpatient monitoring and follow-ups, leading to lower readmission rates and costs, and increased satisfaction among patients and providers. Through advanced physiological data capture and wearable technology, Vivalink's platform ensures round-the-clock monitoring for both chronic and acute conditions, aiming to bridge gaps in care delivery. Powered by Amazon Web Services and Amazon Kinesis, the platform enables continuous real-time tracking of patient vitals at home, catering to various medical specialties. With a global network and an adaptable architecture, the platform collaborates with over 300 healthcare partners worldwide, driving advancements in remote patient monitoring and enhancing decision-making in healthcare.

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