Telehealth and Medicine: Predictions 2023-2024

February 7, 2023

Telehealth and Medicine 

February 7, 2023

Telehealth has three goals: increase access to healthcare for vulnerable patients, achieve reimbursement parity, and effectively apply telemedicine to healthcare. Poorly designed studies with inadequate controls have fueled opposition to widespread adoption of telemedicine, but recent research from the University of Rochester has demonstrated that telemedicine can be a critical tool for closing care gaps for vulnerable populations without lowering quality of care or increasing costs. Several digital health trends are predicted for 2023-2024, including greater adoption of telehealth in corporate healthcare systems, innovation in remote patient monitoring (RPM), and the use of advanced AI algorithms to improve diagnostic and predictive capabilities for providers. The next couple of years are expected to see a major upswing in RPM as a critical component of telehealth.


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