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VivaLNK Partners with Mazzetti for Rapid Response Patient Monitoring Solutions for COVID-19 in the U.S.

September 2, 2020

VivaLNK medical wearable sensors enable contact free monitoring of patient vitals in pop-up hospitals, clinics, or senior centers

CAMPBELL, Calif.  |  PRNewswire

VivaLNK, a leading provider of connected healthcare solutions, has partnered with Mazzetti, a provider of healthcare building systems engineering solutions, to deploy rapid response patient monitoring solutions for COVID-19 in the U.S.

VivaLNK's reusable wearable medical sensors have been deployed in China at over 15 hospitals throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. In the form of a small flexible patch, the sensors can continuously monitor patient temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate, sending data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the respective caregivers to monitor and respond accordingly. This multi-patient monitoring application can alert staff based on trends and thresholds, identifying the patient and location. With the upcoming flu season, coupled with the pandemic, the country may see a sharp increase in infectious respiratory diseases.

Primary benefits of the system include the avoidance of cross infection by minimizing patient to caregiver contact, and caregiver time savings due to continuous automated monitoring. The wearable sensors applied to the body, transmit data wirelessly to an on-premise server through a network router. Multiple patient data are then consolidated to a central monitoring application for observation. Caregivers can then easily identify the patient and room location for response as necessary.

"VivaLNK medical wearable sensors were designed for remote patient monitoring, but due to its low cost, flexibility, and ease-of-use, we are seeing it deployed in rapid response situations within hospitals or facilities with low infrastructure," said Jiang Li, Founder and CEO of VivaLNK.

"As the pandemic continues to be unpredictable, we're preparing for the need to set up rapid response situations for patient monitoring," said Walt Vernon, CEO of Mazzetti. "Deploying this technology ensures our local health system is prepared to handle the patient flow while maintaining superior care to those in need."

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About VivaLNK
VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for wellness, patient care, and telemedicine. The company's portfolio includes wearable medical grade devices and data analytics applications that continuously monitor the health and well-being of individuals. The company's vision is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide by combining technology, data, and analytics into an integrated solution.

About Mazzetti
Mazzetti's vision is to make the world a better place by creating better (healthier) environments. Mazzetti provides world-class MEP engineering and technology consulting, tackling complex, energy-intensive buildings, specializing in Healthcare. As an employee-owned Benefit Corporation with over 55 years of service in the industry, Mazzetti's positive impact spans 20 countries around the globe. Mazzetti uniquely delivers technologically advanced buildings rooted in local culture, climate, and economy.

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