RPM in a Clinical Setting

Use and Benefits of RPM in a Clinical Setting

May 5, 2022

       Use and Benefits of RPM in a Clinical Setting

Vivalink a leading provider in RPM advancement technology announces partnership with students from Emory University. Amit Shah talks about his work at Emory University with a multidisciplinary group that is employing medical technologies to better improve the understanding of cardiovascular disease autonomic physiology and behavioral mechanisms. At Emory, this group incorporates measurements of physical activity, stress, and sleep into this research. Remote patient monitoring devices like medical wearables have become important in this work as it remains a treatment and lifestyle for those actively struggling with their current health. In the studies conducted at Emory, they use the Vivalink ECG patch, a programmable lightweight ambulatory ECG monitor, specifically for applications in heart disease surveillance. This group focuses on patterns of heart rate variability to better examine autonomic nervous system activity, which provides early warning signs of worsening health status. Overall, novel use of RPM technologies in monitoring autonomic function may help fill an important gap in the post-discharge period for hospitalized patients who are at high risk and offer a preventive strategy to save both cost and lives.


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