How to address patient adherence challenges with medical wearables.

Medical Wearables: Addressing Patient Adherence Challenges

November 29, 2023

MedTech Intelligence

Maximizing the benefits of medical wearables in clinical trials and healthcare hinges on ensuring patient adherence. This exploration delves into the hurdles tied to adherence, encompassing lifestyle compatibility, age-related considerations, and the intricacies of technology. Recognizing the necessity for personalized support tailored to diverse patient demographics, the discussion underscores primary causes of poor adherence, spanning forgetfulness, lack of motivation, and physical limitations. Strategies to optimize adherence, such as crafting user-friendly designs, tailoring devices to individual needs, and integrating effective reminders, are examined. The collaborative synergy among healthcare providers, manufacturers, and researchers emerges as pivotal for the progression of medical wearables and the enhancement of healthcare outcomes

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