How RPM Technology Can Be Used To Reduce Rehospitalization Rates

September 27, 2023

The versatility of remote patient monitoring (RPM) has enabled healthcare providers to significantly improve the management of various medical applications, ranging from monitoring cardiac arrhythmia, chronic conditions and post-chemotherapy to preventing rehospitalizations.


As a result, RPM technology is proving to be particularly valuable in managing conditions like febrile neutropenia, which accounts for over 5% of all cancer-related hospitalizations. (Febrile neutropenia is the occurrence of a fever in a patient with an abnormally low amount of neutrophils [a type of white blood cell] in their blood.)

Despite existing guidelines and risk calculators, many patients with febrile neutropenia—often experienced by chemotherapy patients or those with compromised immune systems—continue to be admitted to the hospital, leading to substantial healthcare costs. Hospitalizations related to febrile neutropenia total $2.3 billion annually among adults.

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