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Unleashing Advanced Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring with Vivalink's Wearable ECG Patch Monitor

Our innovative wearable ECG monitor, designed as a cardiac patch, is ideally suited for both in-hospital and remote patient monitoring applications. Its multi-function capabilities allow it to live stream diverse health parameters to a mobile device or the cloud. Even in the event of a network disruption, it continues to record essential data. This powerful, reusable, and rechargeable ECG patch can operate up to two weeks between charges with live streaming, making it an outstanding resource for mobile cardiac telemetry and other ambulatory cardiac monitoring scenarios.

The efficiency of our wearable ECG patch is recognized globally, with its application spanning across multiple research studies, including AF detection, coronary artery disease, stress, depression, and more.

Witness Unsurpassed Accuracy

The accuracy of Vivalink's multi-vital continuous ECG patch goes unrivaled, as demonstrated by comparisons against a benchmark 3-Lead ECG device. An independent third party conducted the testing, which resulted in an ICC of 0.97, indicating nearly complete concurrence with the 3-Lead device.

Explore the Benefits of our ECG Wearable Sensor

  • Live streaming and recording capabilities
  • Reusable and rechargeable
  • IoT-enabled
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra-light and flexible
  • Comes with a convenient charging case

Comprehensive Data Parameters Captured by Vivalink’s Wearable Cardiac Monitor

  • ECG rhythm
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • RR-interval
  • Respiratory rate
  • Skin temperature
  • Step count
  • Posture
  • 3-Axis accelerometer

Top-notch Features of the Wearable EKG Patch

  • Rechargeable up to 14 days
  • Up to 30 day data cache
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Connects via BLE network

Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Size: 90 x 20mm
  • Weight: Starting from 7.5 grams

Detailed Data Specs

  • 128 Hz ECG
  • Heart rate: 40 to 300 bpm
  • Respiratory: 5 to 35 brpm
  • 3-Axis ACC; 5 Hz
  • FDA/NMPA: ECG, Heart rate
  • CE: ECG, Heart rate, Respiratory
Embrace Vivalink's cutting-edge, reusable medical-grade wearable ECG monitor and cardiac patch, crafted for remarkable accuracy in both in-clinic and remote patient monitoring. Experience next-level heart health management technology with Vivalink. Contact our specialist now to revolutionize your cardiac monitoring strategy.

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