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VivaLNK Delivers Continuomics using Wearable Medical Sensors for the Pharmaceutical Market

October 1, 2019

VivaLNK devices offer 24-hour continuous monitoring of physiological data for remote patient monitoring in clinical trials

CAMPBELL, Calif.  |  PRNewswire

VivaLNK, a leading provider of connected healthcare solutions, is improving clinical trials with continuomics by using wearable medical sensors for remote patient monitoring (RPM). By connecting data from sensors to healthcare applications in an RPM environment, VivaLNK is helping pharmaceutical companies capture critical trial subject data over a continuous period of time, rather than merely limited samples.

To accomplish this, VivaLNK addresses the biggest challenges to remote patient monitoring - wearability, data accuracy, and network connectivity. VivaLNK's products have been designed to be easily and comfortably worn by the user, which is paramount to ensuring user adherence to trial protocols especially in remote environments. In addition, the data can easily be delivered to the cloud for real time monitoring or use in retrospective analysis.

With VivaLNK's wearable sensors, the types of physiological information available to clinicians include: ECG trace, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, 3-axis motion, HRV derived stress and recovery, and sleep quality.

An example of the use of VivaLNK devices for continuous monitoring is that of chemotherapy patients for neutropenic fever. Multiple parameters including heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature are captured while the patient is recovering at home following treatment. The continuous stream of data is then correlated to detect an impending hospitalization event due to the fever, up to 18 hours in advance.

"The next evolution of clinical trials is to obtain quality data over a continuous period of time in order to truly assess the implications on a patient's physiology," said Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLNK. "Without continuomics, we only get snapshots of data in time, which can significantly limit the knowledge and success of research and development."

VivaLNK devices come in a comfortable wearable patch format, and incorporate medical sensors and algorithms to maximize the accuracy and availability of data for clinical use. Each device is IoT enabled for remote access and data delivery. In addition, the reusable and rechargeable patch can significantly improve the economics associated with patient monitoring over extended or repeated periods of time.

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