Remote Patient Monitoring Adoption Increased over 300 Percent in Two Years

August 16, 2023

CAMPBELL, Calif. , Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivalink, a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, announces the results of a survey of providers across the U.S., offering insights into the state of RPM adoption and the rapid rise of acute RPM and hospital-at-home programs. The recent survey showed that eighty one percent of clinicians are currently using RPM on patients (compared to 20 percent in the survey conducted in 2021) - a 305 percent increase. Furthermore, 84 percent of the total respondents currently using RPM also plan to increase their usage in 2024. This data indicates strong momentum for RPM in a post-pandemic environment and how it will shape the landscape of healthcare beyond the hospital walls.

Key insights from the survey include:

  • 45 percent of providers utilize RPM for acute monitoring, such as hospital-at-home programs.
  • The most compelling reason driving adoption of RPM was rehospitalization, with improving patient outcomes and real-time vitals monitoring as other key benefits.
  • 77 percent of providers predict that within the next five years RPM-based care will outpace traditional in-patient hospital care.

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