Is software a blind spot for the medical device industry?

May 1, 2019

Verdict Medical Devices
Is software a blind spot for the medical device industry?

Published May 1, 2019

“Verdict Medical Devices” - Software failure is a leading cause of medical device recalls; according to research by Stericycle Expert Solutions, which publishes a quarterly product recall index, Q3 2018 was the tenth consecutive quarter in which software issues were the leading cause of medical device recalls at 22% of the total.  Sam Liu, marketing director of VivalinK shares “If you’re a company that’s primarily focused on hardware, for many reasons you’re not necessarily very good at software, and vice versa. In software you get into more analytics and algorithms, and sometimes it’s the user interface – how well an application is put together can determine how effective a clinician is in delivering care. Those things often become a second thought, not the primary focus when you’re a device manufacturer. In order for the medical industry to really grow, there needs to be some separation of the hardware devices from the innovative software that can go inside them.” VivaLNK became part of the solution and launch of its IoT-enabled medical wearable Sensor Platform.


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