IoMT: A smart, connected infrastructure

IoMT: A smart, connected infrastructure

May 14, 2019

Today's Medical Developments
IoMT: A smart, connected infrastructure

Published May 14, 2014

“Today’s Medical Developments”- IoMT devices deliver patient-generated data (PGD) in-between office visits, helping the healthcare industry learn far more about a patient. Main areas that are extracting data for the IoMT are: on body, in home and hospitals/clinics. There were a few examples of medical devices that fit into the IoMT. The series 4 Apple watch and AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor. VivaLnk was mentioned as an IoT medical wearable sensor platform that accesses hardware and software in a single platform. This strategy helps Vivalink deliver products to the remote patient monitoring market faster by allowing manufacturers to focus on what they do exclusively while developing the latest technology for the wearable sensors.



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