Medical-grade wearables and their uses in clinical settings.

Differentiating Consumer- and Medical-Grade Wearables

June 6, 2024

Applied Clinical Trials

In part 2 of this video interview, Sam Liu, VP of Marketing at Vivalink, dives into the key differences between consumer- and medical-grade wearables and their respective uses in clinical settings. Liu highlights that medical-grade devices undergo rigorous validation and verification processes by bodies like the FDA or CE, ensuring a consistent standard of quality. In contrast, consumer devices vary widely in quality and reliability, depending on their source. While consumer wearables offer accessibility and familiarity, making them useful for general health monitoring, they lack the precision needed for serious medical conditions. Medical-grade wearables are essential for accurate monitoring and treatment in clinical environments, providing the reliability required for high-quality patient care.

Watch the full interview here to learn more about the benefits and limitations of each type of wearable.

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