Cardiac Rehab Survey: 93% Providers Use RPM Tech

November 13, 2023

According to a recent survey of healthcare providers (HCPs), 93 percent of clinicians are currently using RPM technologies across all cardiac rehab, marking a significant integration of technological advancements in the healthcare sector. The survey, conducted by Vivalink, a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, focused on the adoption and impact of remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies in both clinic and home-based rehab environments and revealed several key insights into the growing trend of home-based care. For example, 68 percent of clinicians reported having conducted some level of home-based cardiac rehab, with 29 percent conducting more or the same amount of home-based versus clinic-based, emphasizing the increasing preference for a remote care setting.

Additional key insights from the survey include: 
  • 57 percent of clinicians indicated adoption of RPM in home-based cardiac rehab within the last two years, demonstrating a recent surge in the utilization of RPM technology, post-pandemic.
  • 56 percent of clinicians prefer home-based cardiac rehab over clinic-based alternatives, indicating a shift in patient care preference.
  • 53 percent of clinicians observed an increase in patient adherence since integrating, showcasing the potential of remote care in improving patient engagement and outcomes.
  • Post myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, emerged as the primary driver for home-based cardiac rehab, underscoring the importance of remote care in managing critical cardiac conditions.

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