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Infectious respiratory disease patient monitoring

In-hospital COVID challenge

The unique challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak wreaked havoc as hospitals tried to contain the spread of the virus while treating infected patients. Staffing shortages, patient and caregiver contact and proximity limitations, and the lack of IT infrastructure in inpatient rooms made care extremely challenging.

Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center (SPHCC)

Modeled after the SARS outbreak, the SPHCC contains special wards designed to limit cross infection and to provide more efficient treatments. It is designated as the primary treatment center in Shanghai and confirmed patients from area hospitals are also sent to the SPHCC for quarantine and treatment. 


Vivalink worked closely with SPHCC to leverage its technology to address the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Implemented a continuous monitoring solution to automate the tracking of patient vitals
  • Remotely transmitted data to a central monitoring system using wearable wireless sensors
  • Outfitted a monitoring and alert system where medical staff could monitor patients from a central location, avoiding contact and responding to critical issues when medically necessary