COVID-19 Automated Patient Monitoring System

Rapid deployment using integrated medical wearables and multi-patient monitoring application


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Using medical wearable sensors to prevent cross-infection between
patients and caregivers by providing automated vitals monitoring.

Key Challenges

  • Avoid patient and caregiver contact and proximity
  • Staffing shortages present patient care challenges
  • Limited IT infrastructure in patient rooms

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Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center

Modeled after the SARS outbreak, SPHCC contains special wards designed to limit cross infection and to provide more efficient treatments. SPHCC is designated as the primary treatment center in Shanghai and confirmed patients from area hospitals are also sent to the hospital for quarantine and treatment.



Vivalink has developed an automated continuous patient monitoring solution that tracks changes in patient vitals

IoT enabled medical wearable sensors used to remotely transmit data to a central monitoring system

Medical staff monitors patients from a remote location, avoiding contact, and responding to changes proactively

"Deploying the Vivalink technology ensures our local health system is prepared to handle the patient flow while maintaining superior care to those in need."

Walt Vernon, CEO of Mazzetti

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